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Lightning Literature & Composition Grade 2 Pack

2nd | Book This year students begin by reading a beautiful picture book each week. Towards the end of the year, students move to classic chapter books. The Teacher’s Guide contains comprehension questions on...
Topic: Literature

Lightning Literature & Composition Grade 3 Pack with Book of Poetry

3rd | Book Students read chapter books for Grade 3. Included are classics such as Charlotte’s Web, Newbery Award winners like The Wheel on the School, and new friends like The Rickshaw Girl. The Teacher’s...
Topic: Literature

Lightning Literature & Composition Pack Grade 1

1st | Book The pack contains the Student Workbook, the Teacher Guide, and Aesop's Fables for Children. See each item for descriptions. The regular retail price of the pack is $92.88. The pack price reflects...
Topic: Literature

Preschool Instant Curriculum

Pre-K | Book Five Hundred age-appropriate activities make excellent use of the play/imagination strengths of children three to four years of age, an age that needs active play which involves the whole body and...
Topic: Preschool Curriculum