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Ebola Virus Disease: An Evolving Epidemic

College | Online class About this Course Learn about the evolving Ebola epidemic and its various aspects including disease prevention, management and treatment, response to the epidemic, ethical considerations, and the...
Topic: Ebola

From Freedom Rides to Ferguson: Narratives of Nonviolence in the American Civil Rights Movement

College | Online class The Modern Civil Rights Movement is a significant landmark in United States history. This movement was a struggle for human rights directly challenging the nation to extend its democratic...
Topic: Inequality & Human Rights

The Addicted Brain

College | Online class Syllabus Week 1 The Background and Overview of Drug Use Introduction Types of Drugs and Addictions Review & Quiz Quiz: The Background and Overview of Drug Use Week 2 Drugs & How the Brain...
Topic: Neuroscience

The Bible's Prehistory, Purpose, and Political Future

College | Online class With its walls razed to ground by Babylon’s armies, Jerusalem joined a long line of ancient vanquished cities—from Ur and Nineveh and Persepolis to Babylon itself. While some recovered from the...
Topic: World Religions

Understanding Violence

College | Online class We are so pleased to have you join us as we investigate this crucial topic. Violence is a leading cause of death, disability and health care use worldwide. Violence is a complex problem and can...
Topic: Sociology