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Jonah Leroy (Doane) Robinson (1856-1946) was secretary of the South Dakota State Historical Society and superintendent of the State Department of History from 1901 to 1926. As superintendent of the Department of History, he served as head of the state library, vital statistics bureau, and legislative reference division. He also collected the items, which formed the basis for the Robinson Museum, and the state Portrait Gallery. In his official capacities, Robinson collected and published historical, economic, and census information.

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A History of the Dakota Or Sioux Indians: From Their Earliest Traditions and First Contact with White Men to the Final Settlement of the Last of Them ... Consequent Abandonment of the Old Tribal Life

Native Americans
High School - College | Book

This dry but comprehensive account of the life of the Dakota Sioux Indians was written by a South Dakota historian. Though it has cultural bias, the information is a valuable part of American History.