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Active, Engaging, Effective Learning for 4th-8th-Grade Children

Changing Attitudes About Math
Studies show that having a positive attitude about math acts directly on a child’s memory and learning (Stanford University School of Medicine research). Cignition combines learning science, neuroscience, and unique game design to make FogStone Isle a highly effective environment for children to quickly grasp difficult math concepts, rapidly changing their attitudes surrounding math.

Why Do I Need To Know This?
Kids often struggle with understanding why they need to learn math concepts. FogStone Isle gives math meaning, incorporating it into real-world activities, like using fractionally sized bricks to build houses. When children see the math in action, creating structures, growing farms, and raising animals on their own personal island, the concepts behind the math make sense.

Better Diagnostics = Better Results
Children complete an average of two problems a minute in FogStone Isle, creating a rich representation of their strengths and weaknesses across late elementary through middle school math concepts. Parents receive weekly performance reports.

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FogStone Isle

4th - 8th | iPhone/iPad App

In FogStone Isle, students design their own virtual worlds through engaging and challenging math games proven effective in raising math scores. By integrating neuroscience and challenging game-play...