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We know how difficult it is to find high-quality apps your kids want to play while earning your stamp of approval - we're parents, too! At BrainQuake, we're doing our small part to take care of this for you. We build our puzzles not only to deliver world-class math learning, but also to be fun for the whole family. Our work is backed up by a growing body of international research that shows playing our apps translates into important real-world improvement in mathematical thinking. So, when you buy a BrainQuake app, you’re not just purchasing a fun game, you’re buying peace of mind.

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BrainQuake Math

4th - 7th | Mac Software, Website, Windows Software

BrainQuake Math is a groundbreaking puzzler backed by peer-reviewed, published efficacy research. Proven to develop all important number sense, the foundation of mathematical thinking and problem...


‎Wuzzit Trouble

2nd - 5th | Game, iPhone/iPad App, Android App

Build children's number sense, problem solving and creative and critical thinking skills! One of the only math apps that is actually fun for parents and fun for children! The Wuzzits need your...