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A huge selection of fun and educational videos for toddlers and preschool-age children. Kids will learn colors, shapes, numbers, letters, the alphabet, abc's and so much more with Blippi's nursery rhymes, educational songs, and educational videos.

Blippi ties in things children love like Backhoes, Tractors, Planes, Trains, Animals, Boats, Unicorns, Construction Equipment, Firetrucks, Horses, and the list goes on.

Blippi incorporates cartoons and animation with real life footage for a unique to kids learning videos.

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Educational Videos for Kids

Preschool Curriculum
Pre-K - Kindergarten | Online/YouTube video

Over 100 videos tailored for preschoolers and kindergarteners.  Blippi explores all sorts of places and things in these mostly live-action videos, giving kids exposure to unique and unusual things...


Learn Numbers for Children

Numbers & Counting
Pre-K - Kindergarten | Online/YouTube video

Learn numbers for children with over 100 Blippi videos for kids. Learn numbers for kids as Blippi explores a wide variety of places and things including: A chocolate factory A snow groomer Jungle...