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AVKO is a non-profit, 501©3 membership organization that focuses on the development and production of materials and especially teaching techniques for reading and spelling, handwriting (manuscript and cursive), and keyboarding. AVKO is dedicated to the teaching everyone how to read and spell, regardless of their mild to moderate learning disabilities, dyslexia, poverty, or opportunity. Learn more about the history of AVKO.
AVKO is carried by scores of stores around the United States and other countries.

Every AVKO member is eligible for membership on the board. Those interested in helping run the AVKO Foundation are asked to contact Don McCabe.

Don McCabe is the Research Director Emeritus of the AVKO Educational Research Foundation. Learn more about Don McCabe by reading his autobiography, To Teach a Dyslexic, in which he describes what it was in his life that enabled him, a dyslexic, to not only learn to read but to learn how to teach other dyslexics. To Teach a Dyslexic is free with membership with the AVKO Foundation.

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Volume 1 - Sequential Spelling DVD-ROM

3rd - 9th | iPhone/iPad, Mac OS, Windows

The NEW Sequential Spelling DVD-ROM 2.5 version includes a great new HTML5 user interface, helpful tutorials, built in video player, and the ability for older users to type and print their answers....