Middlebury Interactive Languages


Immersive world language courses in Spanish, French, Chinese and German teach valuable life skills.

Middlebury Interactive’s engaging world language courses offer K-12 students the opportunity to immerse themselves in language and culture in an interactive, online environment. Developed by Ph.D.-level academics and linguistic experts, courses utilize real-world reading, writing, listening and speaking activities combined with task-based activities to accelerate language learning.

Our world language curriculum is supported by decades of research showing that students need exposure to authentic materials and frequent opportunities to interact in the target language in order to succeed. Task-based activities and interactive exercises are applicable to real-life settings and build confidence communicating in language.

Courses are available in Spanish, French, Chinese and German—from elementary through Advanced Placement®—and can be taken as self-paced, independent study or with the guidance of a certified virtual world language teacher.