We design and deliver dynamic experiences to galvanize life-long learning. How? We develop cool curricula, programs and projects for ourselves and other organizations. We also work directly with learners - leading exciting workshops, camps and classes for all ages. And, we do a ton of professional development - training and supporting other leaders in the practice (and practicality) of STEAM and Maker Education.

At Eurekus, learners of all ages have a blast becoming “Artist Explorers” - investigating how our world and universe works. Our programs connect-the-dots through the creative process to link STEM topics with a unique cultural and historical twist. We fuse STEAM, Making, Design Thinking and PBL to spark imaginations through hands-on discovery. We thrive on deep and lasting partnerships with schools, museums, colleges, libraries and non profits nation-wide. We strive to excite both hands and minds while fostering collective discovery for all ages.