Vertical Manuscript Series


Colorful, engaging student books and a clear, consistent instructional approach build effective letter formation skills.

  • research-based handwriting instruction and practice in less than 15 minutes per day!
  • continuous instruction and practice on the three elements of good handwriting throughout the grade levels—strokes, spacing, and size
  • authentic practice integrating reading and language arts standards
  • ELL support and occupational therapy instruction throughout
  • extensive assessment, teaching, and technology support

Integrated Language Arts Skills

Each lesson integrates skills based on important language arts and reading standards to provide relevant practice.

Both Vertical and Slant Manuscript Series Available

Since 1917, countless teachers and students have used research-based Benson Handwritingprograms. Available in both vertical and slant letter formations—the choice is yours!

Designed with Today's Classroom in Mind—Assured Success for All Students!

  • continuous stroke formation with directions in English and Spanish
  • three-step presentation plan for consistent ease of implementation: Present, Practice, and Proceed
  • tips for supporting ELLs, students with disabilities, and for those having difficulty with particular letters
  • contemporary and engaging design

Teacher Package (Print Resources)

Includes a print Teacher Edition, print English Practice Masters, desk strips, and wall posters.

Technology Package with Spanish Resources

Includes an online Teacher Edition with six-year access to the Spanish Student Book, English and Spanish Practice Masters, whiteboard software, and font software.

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