The Preschool Journey


The Preschool Journey is a hands-on preschool curriculum to help parents prepare their child for kindergarten. It includes 26 weeks of lesson plans and 50 pages of printables.

The first part of the eBook explains what concepts should be covered in preschool, along with a list of skills they should work on. Then the second part of the eBook is the curriculum. The lesson plans are organized by alphabet letters. Each letter has 5 activities and a list of recommended books to read. With these activities, your child will have practice with letters; shapes; measurement; graphing; fine and gross motor skills; art; sensory and social skills.

This ebook can be used as a curriculum for homeschooled preschoolers or in conjunction with a preschool program to better prepare your child for kindergarten. Overall, this ebook is a way to help get you started with organized preschool activities at home. While there are many activities in this book, this is just a start and you can feel free to implement more into your preschool day.