The Elements


The original and most in-depth app about the chemical elements. Experience the building blocks of our universe like never before.

A visual exploration

Rotate and manipulate any of the 500+ objects, and examine the images from all sides by spinning them, freely and intuitively, with a simple sideways swipe.

Here’s proof that a tablet can transform staid subject matter – in this case, the periodic table – into rich interactive experiences.

The hidden world

Discover the incredible stories behind each element in the periodic table. Examine the surprising examples for every element known to science, from helium-neon lasers to luminous radium watch dials.

Innovative & intuitive

The app pulls in comprehensive data from Wolfram|Alpha and arranges it clearly and beautifully. Check the current price of gold or find out the half-life of plutonium in any of the 18 language translations.

Enhanced for Mac

Touchpress has re-imagined The Elements for desktop to create a wonderful tool for teachers and students. The Mac edition includes spectacular video demonstrations of elements reacting to the world around them.

See the elements in action

The Elements links with its companion app The Elements in Action, allowing you to flip seamlessly between the two with the tap of a finger.