Spanish For You!


Homeschool Spanish Curriculum Grades 3-8
No need to know Spanish to use this with your kids!
Fun themed packages that ​can be done in any order.
Rather than complete levels, students progress the more themes they complete.
​$39.95 for 24-30 weeks of lessons per themed pkg.
Kids learn to use vocabulary, conjugated verbs, and grammar concepts as language components to be put together in different ways to speak, read, and write. They learn how the language works!
affordable – $39.95 for entire school year
all materials reusable
4 and 6 week trial options below
use with multiple ages – read HERE
fun and engaging lessons that are easy to do
audio so you can hear everything!
self-paced, just follow step-by-step lessons in order
flexible so you can customize activities if needed
lots of variety to please all learning styles
Each Themed Package Comes With These Components PLUS Access to Our Curriculum Activities for You! Page Filled with FREE Extras!

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