Slant Manuscript Series


Colorful, engaging student books and a clear, consistent instructional approach build effective letter formation skills.

  • research-based handwriting instruction and practice in less than 15 minutes per day!
  • continuous instruction and practice on the three elements of good handwriting throughout the grade levels—strokes, spacing, and size
  • authentic practice integrating reading and language arts standards
  • ELL support and occupational therapy instruction throughout
  • extensive assessment, teaching, and technology support

Integrated Language Arts Skills

Each lesson integrates skills based on important language arts and reading standards to provide relevant practice.

Both Vertical & Slant Manuscript Series Available

Since 1917, countless teachers and students have used research-based Benson Handwritingprograms. Available in both vertical and slant letter formations—the choice is yours!

Designed with Today's Classroom in Mind—Assured Success for All Students!

  • continuous stroke formation with directions in English and Spanish
  • three-step presentation plan for consistent ease of implementation: Present, Practice, and Proceed
  • tips for supporting ELLs, students with disabilities, and for those having difficulty with particular letters
  • contemporary and engaging design

Teacher Package (Print Resources)

Includes a print Teacher Edition, print English Practice Masters, desk strips, and wall posters.

Technology Package with Spanish Resources

Includes an online Teacher Edition with six-year access to the Spanish Student Book, English and Spanish Practice Masters, whiteboard software, and font software.

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