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Science Curriculum Grade 5

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Building Blocks of the Universe
Unit Preview, Atoms and Molecules, Elements and the Periodic Table, Metals and Salts, Summary
Properties of Matter
Unit Preview, Physical Changes, Chemical Changes, States of Matter, Summary
The Body’s Transportation Systems
Unit Preview, The Circulatory System, The Respiratory System, The Digestive System, Summary
Plants: Factories of Life
Unit Preview, How Plants Grow, Photosynthesis, Summary
Water, Water Everywhere
Unit Preview, Earth’s Oceans, All About the Water Cycle, Balancing Earth’s Water, Summary
Wild Wild Weather
Unit Preview, Weather and the Sun, The Water Cycle and Weather, Become a Weather Forecaster, Summary
To Infinity and Beyond!
Unit Preview, The Sun, an Average Star, Eight Planets, Other Objects in Our Solar System, Summary
Asking Questions and Finding Answers
Unit Preview, Classifying Objects, Planning and Conducting an Experiment, Drawing Conclusions, Summary

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