Sing, Spell, Read & Write Pre-K


Sing, Spell, Read & Write is a phonics-based program that uses a 36-step program of carefully sequenced steps to teach reading, writing, and spelling. Delivering explicit phonics instruction via a multisensory approach, Sing, Spell, Read & Write reaches every avenue to the brain and addresses every student’s learning style.


Our Preschool program builds a solid foundation of readiness including colors, shapes, visual discrimination, matching, opposites, classification, story sequence, coloring, tracing, letter recognition, letter sounds, auditory discrimination, and oral vocabulary development.

The Home Kit includes more than 100 activity sheets with 224 age-appropriate activities, a Teacher’s Manual, a CD as well as 5 audiocassettes, Alph-O Card Game and Alph-O Puzzles, Jolly Trolley /Sing-along-and-point Alphabet Placemat, Clock Manipulative, Shoe Tying Manipulative, ABC/Number Line Strip. Age 4+

The Consumable PreK Activity Sheets are also available separately.

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