Precalculus with Limits Online Course


Join Professor Vincent Selhorst-Jones in his time-saving Precalculus with Limits course that covers every concept with clear explanations and tons of step-by-step examples. Vincent begins with a quick overview of necessary concepts before diving deeper into everything you will need as a foundation for Calculus.
Duration: 58 hours, 54 minutes

Number of Lessons: 92

Although schools have different names for this course such as Math Analysis and Algebra 3, the concepts in this online course are the same. Professor Selhorst-Jones works with other Educator instructors specializing in Trigonometry and Algebra 2 to make sure every aspect of precalculus is covered. By the end of this course, you will be fully prepared for AP & college-level calculus.

Additional Features:

Free Sample Lessons
Closed Captioning (CC)
Downloadable Lecture Slides
Study Guides
Instructor Comments

Topics Include:

Coordinate Systems
Properties of Functions
Rational Functions
Exponential Functions
Trigonometric Functions
Trigonometric Identities
Law of Sine & Cosine
Linear Inequalities
Vectors & Matrices
Polar Coordinates
Conic Sections
Sequences & Series
Graphic Calculator Basics

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