Precalculus: Concepts and Applications


Designed with the rigor, problem solving, and applications needed for students to be successful in future mathematics courses and careers

Chapter Exploratory Activities
ignite students’ prior knowledge about precalculus topics
challenge students to explore topics in greater depth
require students to derive a generalized formula
Focused Instruction
each topic is carefully explained and connects to prior learning
concepts, strategies, and visuals are presented in clear, concise language rather than dense paragraphs that can be intimidating
Step-by-Step Model Problems
step-by-step, scaffolded model problems provide students with detailed solution steps
Comprehensive Problem Sets
require students to manipulate mathematical symbols and understand mathematical relationships
measure students’ ability to partner previously learned skills with newly acquired skills to solve problems that reflect real-life situations
provide opportunities for students to justify conjectures and express mathematical ideas in accurate mathematical language
Technology Activities
students explore, visualize, and verify mathematical ideas and connections using TI graphing technology, GeoGebra, or Desmos
conclude with You Try It exercises to check comprehension
Teacher Edition
leading questions help students develop mathematical thinking while applying algebraic and trigonometric properties
teaching support highlights how specific mathematical practices are used in problem solving

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delivers over 1,400 questions in a broad range of question types
provides easy-to-use built-in templates to create questions and assignments to fit students’ needs
prepares students with an intuitive experience and instant feedback
Teacher Support
digital delivery of tests saves time with automatic grading
tests can be printed for paper and pencil administration
assesses performance, determines concept mastery, and identifies at-risk students with powerful analytics

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