Pre-K Homeschool Kit


Downloadable Complete Teacher’s Guide

Includes Read Me First for Homeschoolers
7 themed units, 25 weeks of daily instruction. Includes Learning Centers, Holiday Plans, assessments, standards and benchmarks, blacklines, Story Sequence Cards and more
Core Resource Books

Starfall’s Selected Nursery Rhymes book with CD
ABC for Gingerbread Boy and Me!
Plush Characters

Gingerbread Boy
Fairy Tales

The Gingerbread Boy
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
The Frog Prince
The Ugly Duckling
The Cobbler and the Elves
The Troll Who Lived Under the Bridge
The Three Little Pigs
Folk Tales & Fables

How the Turtle Cracked Its Shell
The Tale of Two Little Engines
Stone Soup
Why the Sun and the Moon Live in the Sky
The Ant and the Chrysalis
Who Likes the Rain?
Over in the Meadow
The Green Grass Grew All Around
Little Red Hen and other Folk Tales
Draw Dragon Dot Eyes and other Chinese Fables
Informational Texts

Let’s Eat! A book about delicious colors
A Day in the Life of a Firefighter
Reach for the Stars
Humpback Whales
Dolphins are Not Fish!
My Father Runs an Excavator…and so do I!
The Story of Milk – How Bees Help Cows
26 Downloadable Read-Along MP3s

Music & CD-ROM

Starfall Sing-Along Volume 1
Starfall Sing-Along Volume 2
Star Writer Melodies Instrumental CD
Classic Installation CD-ROM

American Sign Language Poster
Set of 10 Instructional Posters
Wall Cards & Instructional Cards

ABCs, Numbers and Colors Wall Cards
Emotions Wall Cards
Learning Center Wall Cards
Gingerbread Boy’s Instructional Card Set
Incentives and Tools

Gingerbread Boy Stickers
Gingerbread Boy Rubber Stamp
1 year Starfall Home Membership is included!

Starfall’s Pre-K Curriculum is approved in multiple states and aligned with state learning goals in other states. Click here for more information.

More Ways to Learn Preschool Curriculum

Early Learning Worksheets

Pre-K - 1st | Printable

ShillerMath Language Arts Foundations A

Pre-K - Kindergarten | Product

Bring Montessori-based language arts learning into your home without having to do any lesson preparation! This multi-sensory (visual, tactile, auditory, and kinesthetic) language arts kit...


The Complete Preschool Learning Kit

Pre-K | Book, Product

The Complete Leapfrog Preschool Learning Kit provides multiple tools to reinforce key skills children need to succeed in preschool and kindergarten. The kit includes flash cards, workbooks, dry...


Disney's Mickey Mouse Preschool

Pre-K - Kindergarten | Online video/YouTube

Based on an old Disney game, this video for kids teaches letters, colors, shapes, and basic spelling.  Featuring Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney gang.


Kindergarten Readiness Summer Packet

Pre-K - Kindergarten | Printable

If you want to prepare your child for kindergarten, this is an amazing set of materials, including kindergarten phonics worksheets, that will have your little one over prepared and confident on Day...


Pre-K - 2nd | Online resource

More than 5,000 learning activities in Reading, Math, Beginning Science, Social Studies, Art, and Music. A full online preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten curriculum A Step-by-Step Learning Path...

$8 monthly

Encompass Preschool Curriculum

Pre-K | Printable

Encompass is a 4-day per week homeschool preschool curriculum created to include morning board activities, group activities, and workbox activities.


Complete Preschool Curriculum

Pre-K | Product

Preschool Timberdoodle Curriculum, including two outstanding guidebooks and a collection of many of the recommended resources, helps you begin today to maximize your little one’s physical and...

Offers paid add-ons

Horizons Preschool Complete Curriculum & Multimedia Set

Pre-K | Book

Give your preschooler a love for God and the world around him with Horizons Complete Curriculum and Multimedia Set. Based upon the Bible, this complete preschool curriculum contains 180 engaging...


Daily Curriculum for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Pre-K - Kindergarten | Book

The Spring Edition contains a timely collection of daily art projects, math ideas, science experiments, songs, rhymes, and other fun, easy-to-do activities for young learners, while teaching them...


Morning Work Bundle PK – K {September- May}

Pre-K - Kindergarten | Printable

No Prep Print and Go with this Pk – K morning work. There are 25 black and white pages each month for your little ones to practice emergent reading skills. All months have: • 5 pages with...


Board Book & DVD Collection

Pre-K - Kindergarten | Book, DVD

Here’s a combo pack that gets your little one excited about learning. Alphabet Al leads youngsters on an adventure to explore letters and boost vocabulary. Rollie Roundman and friends teach...



Pre-K | Online class

Time4Learning builds preschool literacy and mathematics skills through online learning activities and educational games. Our preschool curriculum provides developmentally appropriate learning...

$20 monthly


Pre-K | Audio CD/MP3, Book, Online class, Product

Calvert’s hands-on Pre-K curriculum is designed to kick-start your child’s love for learning. Your child will enjoy a year of guided and fun developmental activities as you work together to begin...


Preschool Learning Resources

Pre-K | Online resource, Printable

Excited to learn more about preschool? Use these preschool learning resources to get started today!


Preschool Instant Curriculum

Pre-K | Book

Five Hundred age-appropriate activities make excellent use of the play/imagination strengths of children three to four years of age, an age that needs active play which involves the whole body and...



Pre-K | Online video/YouTube

The best nursery rhyme videos for children on YouTube – stunning and colourful 3D animation in beautiful HD! New videos every week (Friday), plus new weekly compilations (every Monday and...


Preschool Curriculum Kit

Pre-K - Kindergarten | Mac OS, Printable, Windows

The Ultimate Preschool Curriculum Kit CD with Printable Workbooks and Lesson Plans. 2 Years of lesson plans Curriculum A or B – Each curriculum is a complete 10 Month Preschool Program Printable...


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