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Hi! I create videos mostly related to programming, and sometimes simple hacks and tricks to survive on internet!

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More Ways to Learn PHP


PHP - Codecademy

7th - College | Online class

Learn to program in PHP, a widespread language that powers sites like Facebook.


PHP 5 Tutorial - W3Schools

7th - College | Online resource

PHP is a server scripting language, and a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.


PHP Tutorial: Learn in 7 Days

7th - College | Online resource

PHP is a server scripting language, and is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web pages.


PHP and MySQL Web Development

7th - College | Book, ebook/Kindle

PHP and MySQL are popular open-source technologies that are ideal for quickly developing database-driven Web applications. PHP is a powerful scripting language designed to enable developers to...


7th - College | Online resource

Intended for everyone who wishes to learn the PHP programming language. There is no need to download anything – just click on the chapter you wish to begin from, and follow the instructions.


PHP Tutorials : Learn in 7 Days

College | Online resource

PHP is the most popular scripting language on the web. Without PHP Facebook, Yahoo, Google wouldn’t have exist. The course is geared to make you a PHP pro. Once you digest all basics, the course...

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Become a PHP Developer

College | Online class

More than 50% of the web is built using PHP. Easy to get started with, yet powerful in its functionality, PHP is used by individuals, startups, and enterprise-scale companies like Facebook to build...


Learning PHP, MySQL & JavaScript: With jQuery, CSS & HTML5

7th - College | Book, ebook/Kindle

Tackle dynamic web programming with the help of today’s core technologies: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, and HTML5. Explore each technology separately, learn how to use them together, and...


Learn PHP: The Beginner Guide: An Introduction to PHP Programming

7th - College | ebook/Kindle

This book will take you through the basic syntax of the PHP language. There are step by step code samples that you can follow along with. You can read this book at a computer, on your smartphone on...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PHP Tutorials by CodeDamn?

PHP Tutorials is a learning resource for PHP. It is available in the following format(s): Online/YouTube video. It is suited for 9th - College students.

What grade level is PHP Tutorials by CodeDamn appropriate for?

It is designed for 9th - College students, but could be useful for students of other ages as well; please look at the description and images to determine suitability.

How much does PHP Tutorials by CodeDamn cost?

It is free!