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New Elementary Math Grade 8

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New Elementary Mathematics Syllabus D (author – Sin Kwai Meng; General Editor – Dr. Wong Khoon Yoong) is a four-year series of secondary course books with accompanying workbooks and quick review guides. (In Singapore, the term “elementary” refers to “the basics” of higher math, i.e., algebra, geometry, trigonometry, etc.) Throughout the series, emphasis is placed on the development of better understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications, as well as on proficiency in problem solving, mathematical reasoning and higher order thinking. To facilitate this, the series has included the following:
Investigative work
Communication skills in mathematics and
Appropriate computation and estimation skills
Mental calculation
Problem-solving heuristics
Features of the series:
Exercises: Numerous exercises are provided for students of varied abilities and the problems are graded. The more difficult questions are marked with asterisks (*).
Class Activity
Chapter Review: At the end of every chapter, there is a Chapter review which recapitulates the key concepts and skills learned.
Challenger: This section, immediately after the Chapter Review, is specially designed to provide interesting and challenging problems on the particular chapter topic for more able and adventurous students.
Problem Solving: Problem Solving exercises are given to enable students to practice their problem-solving skills.
Revision (Review) Exercises: Sets of revision exercises are also included at appropriate intervals to provide students with the necessary practice and reinforcement. Constant revision is very important for skill mastery.
Miscellaneous Exercises: These exercises are given after several chapters. They provide students with many questions to apply the various concepts learned.
Investigation: Problems in the Investigation sections provide opportunities for students to explore, experiment with and discuss mathematical ideas.
Mathstory: The history of mathematics is given at the side margin where appropriate. This section is meant to enrich students with the knowledge of how mathematics has developed over the years.
Assessment Papers
It is hoped that this series will help students gain confidence in and have better insights into the subject, and above all, that students will look upon Mathematics as something exciting, rewarding and useful.

The textbook provides answer keys to Exercises, Revision Exercises, Miscellaneous Exercises and Assessment Papers.

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