Molecular Biology Online Course


Duration: 14 hours, 49 minutes

Number of Lessons: 14

This online course is crucial for students who want to ace Molecular Biology in order to satisfy their college degree or pre-medical requirements. Each lesson consists of a presentation on the basic ideas of molecular biology with several examples and problems solved in a step-by-step manner, so that you can fully understand complex concepts. Once you are able to understand the science of life on such a small scale, you are able to zoom out and look at the interaction between cells, tissues, organs, and complete organisms.

Additional Features:

Free Sample Lessons
Closed Captioning (CC)
Downloadable Lecture Slides
Instructor Comments

Topics Include:

Mendelian Genetics
Structure of Nucleic Acids
Genome Organization
DNA Replication
Homologous Recombination
Gene Regulation
Research Techniques
Genome Editing

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