Meet Science: Work & Energy


Learn about physics in a fun way with the newly released app, ‘Meet Science: Work and Energy’!

■ Best Way to Use ‘Meet Science’
- Watch animations with fun characters to learn about the concepts of work, energy and check what you’ve learned through quizzes.
- Arouse scientific curiosities with experiment videos to experience various physical phenomenon.
- Difficult words are explained and stories of scientists are told in glossary. Mini-games will help you understand the principle of Work and Energy.

■ Contents
1. Learn
- Watch comprehensive educational animations about the core concepts of work, amount of work, various energy and their features and more.
- Review the topics through OX, word quizzes and experiments related to each topic.

2. Experiments
- Watch 14 experiment videos to find out how to make a vinegar rocket, how to open a bottle without the bottle opener and more.
- Neatly organized summary notes will help you comprehend the experiments even better.

3. Glossary
- Grasp the meaning of each word and find your favorite scientist with well-illustrated images.
- Enjoy more interesting stories based on Work and Energy such as the story of a bus that runs on poop, warm house made of ice and the secret of pyramids.

4. Mini Games
- Connect to Ring!: Use various machine cards to connect and roll the ball to ring the bell.
- Throw to Pack!: Adjust the angle and distance of the lever to throw the candies into the pockets.
- Fly to Goal!: Fly the hot-air balloon to dodge the obstacles and go to the goal.
- Quiz game: Solve quizzes based on what you’ve learned.