Meet Science: Magnetism & Electricity


‘Meet Science’ inspires all school-aged kids to explore fundamental concepts of Magnetism and Electricity (1st Edition) with variety of fun features such as animations, experiments, and mini-games.

■ Best Way to Use ‘Meet Science’
- Learn with fun, interactive animations and review what you’ve learned through OX and word quizzes.
- Indulge your curiosity by making predictions and observations on each experiment.
- You also have 3 different mini-games and beautifully designed Glossary to fully enjoy Physics.

■ Contents
1. Learn
- Enrich your learning experiences with educational animations that introduces topics such as magnet’s poles, attraction and repulsion, voltage and current, and characteristics of electromagnets
- Review the topics through OX and word quizzes and experiments related to each topic.

2. Experiments
- Find out how to make a motor or a generator with a magnet by watching all 20 experiments.
- Neatly organized summary notes will help you comprehend the experiments even better.

3. Glossary
- Grasp the meaning of the words and find your favorite scientist with images and animations.
- Heard of magnets inside the bills or Christmas lights that are connected in series and parallel circuits? Let’s find out how magnets, electricity, and electromagnets make our everyday lives more convenient!

4. Mini Games
- Bounce Bounce, UFO: Change the poles of the electromagnet and defeat all the aliens!
- Pop Pop, Lights On: Identify and connect all conductors and non-conductors to turn on the lights.
- Tap Tap, Connect the Circuit: Remember all the circuit symbols and complete the puzzle.
- Quiz Game: Answer the quizzes with what you’ve learnt.

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