Meet Science: Force & Motion


What a fun way to learn science and endorse curiosities with animations, experiments and mini-games! Introducing the 3rd version of ‘Meet Science’ series, Force and Motion edition!

■ Best Way to Use ‘Meet Science’ - Watch the stories about Force and Motion narrated by friendly animated characters and check what you’ve learned through quizzes. - Arouse scientific curiosities with experiment videos to experience physical phenomenon that occurs everyday lives. - Illustrated glossary and fun mini-games will help you understand the principle of Force and Motion.

■ Contents 1. Learn - Watch comprehensive educational animations about the core concepts of motion, reference point, speed, types of forces, inertia, action and reaction and more. - Review the topics through OX, word quizzes and experiments related to each topic.

2. Experiments - Watch 18 experiment videos to find out how to make a water-powered rocket, how the shape of water changes when the centrifugal force is applied and more. - Neatly organized summary notes will help you comprehend the experiments even better.

3. Glossary - Grasp the meaning of each word and find your favorite scientist with well-illustrated images. - Enjoy more interesting stories based on Force and Motion such as the story of Archimedes finding the secret of crown and how gecko can climb a slippery wall.

4. Mini Games - Fly to Collect!: Fly the spaceship from one planet to other planets to collect marbles. - Shoot to Pick!: Measure the direction and magnitude of the squirrels and shoot to pick up the acorns. - Drive to Catch!: Compare and choose the fastest speed to catch the thieves. - Quiz game: Solve quizzes based on what you’ve learned.

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