Math Curriculum K-3


Full curriculum for K-3 math.
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How to Use Numbers 1 to 100
Unit Preview, Count, Read and Write 1-100 , Equivalent Forms of the Same Number , Expanded Notation, Summary
How to Use Numbers 1 to 1000
Unit Preview, Count, Read, and Write Whole Numbers 100 1,000, Represent Numbers (1-1,000) in Different Forms, Summary
Numbers up to 10,000 (Part 2)
Unit Preview, Round off Numbers to 10,000 to the Nearest Ten, Hundred, and Thousand, Summary
Numbers up to 10,000 (Part 1)
Unit Preview, Count, Read and Write Whole Numbers to 10,000, Compare and Order Whole Numbers to 10,000, Summary
Addition and Subtraction (Part 3)
Unit Preview, Find the Sum or Difference of Two Whole Numbers Between 0 and 10,000 , Summary
Addition and Subtraction (Part 1)
Unit Preview, The Meaning of Addition and Subtraction (Grade 1), Counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s , Summary
Addition and Subtraction (Part 2)
Unit Preview, Addition Facts and Subtraction Facts , Inverse Relationship in Addition and Subtraction , Find the Sum or Difference of Two Whole Numbers , Use Mental Arithmetic to Find Sums and Differences , Summary
Multiplication (Part 1)
Unit Preview, Repeated Addition, Arrays, and Counting, Repeated Subtraction, Multiplication Tables (2s, 5s, 10s), Multiplication Tables for Numbers Between 1 and 10, Simple Problems Involving Multiplication of Multi-digit Numbers by One Digit Numbers, Summary
Number Relationships (Part 1)
Unit Preview, Addition, Subtraction Problems Using Simple Charts , Summary
Number Sentences (Part 1)
Unit Preview, Solve Number Sentences with Addition and Subtraction, Summary
Division (Part 1)
Unit Preview, Dividing Multi-digit Numbers by One
or Two- Digit Numbers, The Special Properties of 0 and 1 in Multiplication and Division, Unit Cost, Summary
Fractions & Decimals (Part 1)
Unit Preview, Recognize, Name, and Compare Unit Fractions from 1/12 to 1/2 , Recognize Fractions of a Whole and Parts of a Group , Fractional Parts , Compare Fractions Represented by Drawings, or Concrete Materials , Summary
Number Relationships (Part 2)
Unit Preview, Commutative and Associative Rules (Grades 2-3), Problem Situations and Number Sentences (Grade 2), Summary
Money (Part 2)
Unit Preview, Decimal Points, $ Sign, ยข Symbol , Adding Coins and Bills , Summary
Money (Part 1)
Unit Preview, Coin Values , Summary
Number Sentences (Part 2)
Unit Preview, Create Problem Situations using Addition and Subtraction, Summary
Geometry (Part 2)
Unit Preview, Familiar Plane and Solid Objects, Put Shapes Together and Take Them Apart, Summary
Geometry (Part 1)
Unit Preview, Triangles, Rectangles, Squares, Circles, Summary
Geometry (Part 3)
Unit Preview, Classify Plane & Solid Geometric Shapes , Summary
Measuring (Part 2)
Unit Preview, Estimate or Determine the Area and Volume of Solid Figures by Covering Them, Converting Measurements within a System, Compare Length, Weight, Volume of Two or More Objects, Summary
Measuring (Part 1)
Unit Preview, Measuring Length, Different Units to Measure the Same Object, Measuring to the Nearest Inch or Centimeter, Measuring Time, Choose the Appropriate Tools and Units to Estimate Measurement, Tell Time to the Nearest Hour, Summary
Elementary Statistics (Part 3)
Unit Preview, Working with Data, Working with Data Part 2, What Happens in the Future?, Data, Tables, & Graphs, Showing the Results, Summary
Elementary Statistics (Part 2)
Unit Preview, Grouping Objects, Results of an Experiment, Are Results Certain, Likely, Unlikely or Improbable?, Tally Charts, Summary
Elementary Statistics (Part 1)
Unit Preview, Simple Patterns , Summary

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