Math Curriculum Grade 4


Math curriculum for grade 4.

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Place Values
Unit Preview, Place Values to 1,000,000, Compare Multi-Digit Whole Numbers, Add & Subtract Multi-Digit Whole Numbers, Multiply Whole Numbers (4-Digit x 1-Digit and 2-Digit x 2-Digit), Divide Whole Numbers (1-Digit Divisor and 4-Digit Dividends), Summary
Whole Numbers
Unit Preview, Factors & Multiples, Round Multi-digit Whole Numbers, Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers in Word Problems, Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers in Word Problems, Summary
Equations – Part 1
Unit Preview, Equations Using Addition & Subtraction, Equations With an Unknown, Order of Operations , Roman Numerals , Summary
Fractions – Part 1
Unit Preview, Fractions , Order of Fractions, Add & Subtract Fractions (with Like Denominators), Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers (w/ Like Denominators), Add and Subtract Simple Fractions , Multiply a Fraction by a Whole Number, Solve Problems Involving Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division , Summary, Fractions and Decimals – Same Concept
Unit Preview, Add & Subtract Fractions on Number Lines, Decimal Notation for Fractions (Tenths & Hundredths), Order of Decimals, Number Lines with Decimals, Fractions, Whole Numbers, Summary
Measurements – Part 1
Unit Preview, Measurements & Multiples in U.S. System of Measurement, Measurements & Multiples in Metric System of Measurement, Word Problems of Measurements & Four Operations, Area & Perimeter Measurements of Rectangles , Summary
Geometry – Part 1
Unit Preview, Angles & Angle Measurement, Add & Subtract Angle Measures, Angle Measures in Equations, Parallel & Perpendicular Lines, Line of Symmetry , Summary
Personal Financial Literacy (Part 2)
Fixed and Variable Expenses, Savings Options, Purpose of Financial Institutions/Banks

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