Life Skills


Our resource center helps kids develop life skills for daily life and in preparation for business.

Everyone develops skills to function and to participate in activities. There are basic skills such as eating, talking, walking, reading which develop in your early years but can be further developed through out your life.

There are many life skills used to think, to work with others, make decisions, manage time, concentrate and many more. The ultimate goal is to develop as many skills as possible and at a high skill level. The more skills you have and the better you are able to perform these skills will determine how well you perform activities such as school and eventually jobs in business.

Think of this section as a tool box or tips on doing things. We provide you with many life skill tips for everyday use, to help you manage; school, your friends, family and eventually in business. The “Resource Center” has many “tools” or business tips to help you develop life & business skills and discover your interests and talents. You may not see these tools in school, as we have found them in business and translated them or created many of them ourselves.

“Tools” are things that can help you do something. People normally think of tools that are used to build something. A hammer is a tool used to build a house, while a pencil is a tool for an artist to draw. In our case, we are providing you with a number of “business tools” that will help you build skills and your eventual business career. The “tools” are information based and can be easily distributed and enjoyed by kids. These “tools” are interesting for kids to work with, relevant to career/business and developed in a way that is communicated well to kids.

The “tools” can be enjoyed individually by kids and/or shared and enhanced with the involvement of an adult. The “tools” are intended to introduce concepts for skill development. The tools are not age specific as we feel kids will understand the concepts at varying degrees. There are many other types of resources or tools available to you such as TV, internet, books, magazines etc.,that entertain you and help you learn. Our tools have been developed to introduce you to a variety of concepts, give you real-life applications of the concepts and to provide activities to help you practice these concepts to help you develop new skills.

Try the “tools”, have some fun with them and discover things about yourself while improving yourself. Use the tools to start developing or “building your eventual career”.

Remember you are not expected to know what you will do in business or choose as a career. You don’t have to know what you want to be to explore and discover opportunities. is acting as a facilitator of ideas for “tools” and as a place to share them with kids around the world.

Enjoy or initial tools to develop life skills – more in development – videos coming soon!

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