Latin With Andy


Need some help learning Latin at home? That's how we felt when we first cracked open our Latin books five years ago. 

As a busy homeschooling mom, I know that when assignments are piling up, the household chores are neglected, and you feel like things are slipping through the cracks, sometimes I just need a little help to help my middle and high school students push through a tough concept—especially when it's something I didn't learn AT ALL when I was in school.

That’s why we created the Latin with Andy membership site.We want to partner with you in your pursuit of Latin in hopes that you'll fall in love with it as much as we have, or at least be willing to not kick it to the curb!


Short 2-7 minute videos demonstrating Latin concepts for a solid grammar level understanding of how the language works


Students can download worksheets that correspond with each lesson to follow along with the videos. Grammar mastery charts and other downloads will also be available for download.


Gain access to a private Facebook group filled with Latin learners to discuss tricky translations and concepts.

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Reviews of Latin With Andy
Deb recommends this
Student's grade: 9th
For: Homeschooling
Liked: Easy to understand
Didn't like: Not the exact words we were using w Henle

This taught us Latin in an easy step by step method. It was clear and understandable. Andy walked us through each lesson, encouraged us and made it doable.

Joelle recommends this
Student's grade: 9th
For: Supplementing school materials
Liked: So many things. First, the videos are super short and can easily be added to the daily work. Secondly, he has a video for every single exercise to explain it further. Finally, he uses different Vocab than Henle, so you learn new words. Also, when you sign up you can be on the closed Facebook group which is so helpful!
Didn't like: He never changes his shirt 🤣

I honestly love this. I am using it for my 7th grader and 9th grader and they both have found it very helpful! I just wish it went further in the Henle curriculum!

Marie recommends this
Student's grade: 7th
For: Homeschooling
Liked: Easy to understand, Cheap

Latin with Andy is an invaluable resource to supplement learning Latin. Andy walks through each of Henle Latin's exercises and there are worksheets you can use as he walks you through how to do each exercise. We love using the vocab cards and other helps on the site. Plus his Facebook page is an amazing additional resource where Andy will answer any question you have.

Amy Weatherly recommends this
Student's grade: 8th
For: Homeschooling
Liked: Cheap, simple to navigate

Latin with Andy has been so helpful to me catching up with my daughter who already has one year of Latin experience. The flash cards and supplemental worksheets are super helpful too. Henle Latin is dry and dull to me, so reading it and trying to comprehend it doesn’t always work for me. Having Andy introduce and walk through sample excercises is so helpful! A must-have resource for learning Latin!

Jessica okon recommends this
Student's grade: 7th
For: Homeschooling
Liked: Follows Henley Latin to a T. Easy explanations and review.

There is nothing I can complain about! Andy has been a tear elimination tool when it comes to learning Latin.

Michelle recommends this
Student's grade: 7th
For: Homeschooling
Liked: Andy, clear and concise explanations for exercises and new concepts, affordable, availability to answer questions
Didn't like: Can't think of anything we don't like

Latin with Andy has made our first year in Latin so successful! With new content, and before each exercise, my son watches Andy explain the concept further and how to complete each exercise. If there is still a question, Andy has a Facebook page where we can ask. Andy also goes live once a week to answer more questions. He has a gift at explaining a difficult subject. I would recommend this to anyone using Henle Latin. recommends this
Student's grade: 8th
For: Homeschooling
Liked: Reasonable price, helpful content

I am tutoring a Latin Class this year where I am the lead learner. Seeing the Latin translation demonstrated has been very helpful. I totally this.

Sharon Edwards recommends this
Student's grade: 7th
For: Homeschooling
Liked: Ease of use, thoughtful printables and visual aids, supportive Facebook community and Andy’s enthusiasm in each video lesson
Didn't like: It is only available online (as far as I know).

Latin With Andy has been our go-to resource for Latin studies this year. Our family is new to Latin and LWA’s comprehensive and interactive (via Facebook)videos makes each lesson doable and fun. Andy’s enthusiasm for Latin is contagious and makes students comfortable with learning new concepts, while keeping up with review and drill. The LWA team has built a quality resource that is invaluable to our Latin lesson success. We’ll be using Latin With Andy as long as we continue our study of Latin!

Jenna Arden recommends this
Student's grade: 9th
For: Homeschooling
Liked: The information is concisely taught, and helps my daughter grasp the Henle Latin
Didn't like: I haven’t found anything I don’t like

The worksheets and videos are very helpful to the Latin novice. Andy’s instruction is down to earth and applicable for teens and adults. He makes Latin interesting!

Donna recommends this
Student's grade: High School
For: Homeschooling
Liked: Cheap, short, organized well, Andy is such a gentleman
Didn't like: Sometimes uses words not in our Henle

Andy’s a role model to many young students and I love Latin with Andy for this reason. He’s so respectable! The course is filled with great printables and flash cards. Everything is done for you. Andy teaches you the lesson in short, clear, easy to follow video clips. On the Facebook page Andy is quick to reply to questions and does live sessions to help you further. He’s like a personal tutor for all of us!

Alisa LaRue recommends this
Student's grade: 7th
For: Homeschooling
Liked: Short videos for every lesson, amazing value for cost, my 7th grader sees the value
Didn't like: Nothing! Excited it goes beyond where we are for years to come!

Latin with Andy is awesome. Don’t let his youth turn you off as he has a gift of explaining and teaching Latin. As my 7th grader said “Andy makes it so easy to understand!” His videos are professionally presented with clear and concise explanations of each exercise.

Leah recommends this
Completed it
Student's grade: 8th
For: Homeschooling
To complete: 20-50 hours
Liked: Google search and Facebook groups
Didn't like: Andy is engaging and energetic

Latin with Andy is a superb resource for Henle Latin 1. He clearly explains how to master Latin in an approachable way. My teenagers have loved learning with Andy.

Reagan Dorries recommends this
Student's grade: 8th
For: Homeschooling
Liked: Simple, easy to use, cost effective, printables with other resources available such as a Facebook group and the ability to have questions answered and a community of learners.

Outstanding program that gives us the ability to learn Latin, rather than struggle and fumble through Latin. Highly recommend and am so glad I purchased it for use with my middle schoolers.

Shannon recommends this
Student's grade: 9th
For: Homeschooling
Liked: Follows the Henle Latin book and makes the lessons easier to understand.
Didn't like: He does use vocabulary that isn't taught in the Henle book. There isn't anything wrong with learning new vocabulary but it would be nice for my son to have even more exposure to the words he is studying.

Latin with Andy has been a nice supplement to the Henle Latin (first year). Latin can be confusing, especially if you aren't an expert in English grammar. Andy makes Latin look easy and has a way of explaining it that helps my son. It also has been great for my son to see someone close to his age finding Latin enjoyable. The program offers quick videos with examples of each exercise that is in the Henle book. He provides printables that go along with the videos as well as extras like noun, verb and declension charts and vocabulary cards. Once you become a member of the website, you can join a private Facebook group and ask questions and watch Live "Question and Answer" videos.
I purchased the yearly subscription and plan to resubscribe next year since my daughter will begin her Latin learning experience in Challenge A with Classical Conversations next fall.

Joy Bell recommends this
Student's grade: 7th
For: Homeschooling
Liked: Convenient, accurate

Latin with Andy is a fantastic supplement to He le Latin. There is not another resource available that give you step by step (exercise by exercise) help through Henle Latin. The Facebook Page is also a valuable resource for quick answers to question that come up about specific problems. I cannot recommend this enough!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Latin With Andy by Family Style Schooling?

Latin With Andy is a learning resource for Latin. It is available in the following format(s): Worksheet/Printable, Online/YouTube video, and Website. It is suited for 6th - College students.

What grade level is Latin With Andy by Family Style Schooling appropriate for?

It is designed for 6th - College students, but could be useful for students of other ages as well; please look at the description and images to determine suitability.

How much does Latin With Andy by Family Style Schooling cost?

It costs about $60 Yearly. (US)