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Kit includes all nine 1rst Grade ctivities with all materials needed, individually packed for 1 student, lesson plans and worksheets for the “best value” price of $85. All Materials are furnished and packaged for each activity.

1. Classification and Growth of Seeds – Life Science Observe the characteristics and growth of seeds.

2. A Bean is Born – Life Science Observe the structure of a seed. Measure the growth of leaves, stems and roots.

3. Landforms – Earth Science Build clay models, identify and name landforms as surface features.

4. Camouflage Hide-’n-Seek (Camouflage) – Life Science Color an animal to blend with the environment.

5. Water Cycle – Physical Science – Experiment with water as a liquid and a gas.

6. Whirly Air Mobile – (Wind Energy) – Physical Science Construct a simple detector of air movement. Explore air as a form of energy.

7. Bubbles and Suds (States of Matter) – Physical Science Investigate the characteristics of physical and chemical change by making a mixture that bubbles up and spills over the glass.

8. Leapin’ Shadows (Sundial) – Earth Science Use a sundial and observe the shadow change.

9. Magnetic Strength (Magnetism) – Physical Science Test the force and strength of a magnet.

10. Salt and Sand – Physical Science Test Experiment with dissolving and mixing materials

11. Scent Signals for Mother and Baby (Group Activity) – Life Science Role play how animals find family members through scent.

12. Sounds Signals for Mother and Baby (Group Activity) – Life Science Recognize how animals identify family members through sound.

13. Robins and Worms – Life Science Demonstrate how birds find and gather food.

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