History and Geography


A comprehensive program in world and American history and geography, integrating topics in civics and the arts, Core Knowledge History and Geography™ (CKHG) helps students build knowledge of the diverse civilizations, cultures, and concepts specified in the Core Knowledge Sequence.

CKHG for Social Studies or Language Arts


For Social Studies: Used in their recommended sequence, CKHG materials can form the basis of an engaging Social Studies program that builds historical and geographical knowledge and skills grade by grade.

For Language Arts: You can also use CKHG to integrate content-rich nonfiction into your Reading/Language Arts lessons. CKHG objectives are correlated with the Common Core English Language Arts standards, which call for increased reading of nonfiction informational texts. With CKHG, you can take an interdisciplinary approach to reading that provides rich, meaningful, and sustained engagement with informational texts organized in a coherent sequence.

CKHG Components

Student Readers: richly illustrated and engagingly written
Teacher Guides: with detailed lesson plans, activity page masters, additional activities, and assessments
Timeline Cards: visual aids to reinforce big ideas, chronology, and context
NOTE: If you downloaded a CKHG Teacher Guide prior to March 1, 2017, please download again to receive files with updated links to CKHG Online Resources.

Free Downloadable Resources

Download a List of CKHG Titles in 3-5
CKHG materials are available for free download. New units are in development and will be added when ready. Please review the Terms of Use for free materials.

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