HEXBUG VEX IQ Robotics Construction Set


Take advantage of the unmatched, versatile VEX IQ system with the VEX IQ Robotics Construction Kit!

Follow step-by-step instructions to learn the basics, and then use that knowledge to build anything you can imagine!

Customize your robot with a variety of sensors including color, bumper switch, touch LED and other built in rotational sensors on the motors
Includes free VEX IQ Curriculum for all users!

The VEX IQ Robotics Construction Kit fosters STEM learning through the creation of custom programmable robots. Each kit is loaded with advanced, yet accessible robotics technology to enhance the build experience.

Follow simple step by step instructions to learn the basics of building your first robot. Take advantage of VEX IQ’s open-ended platform by building anything you can imagine! Program your robot using the two programmable software options – Modkit for VEX or ROBOTC.

With VEX IQ, kids as young as 8 can jump right in and snap together their robots using the 750+ pieces included!

Reach above and beyond with endless possibilities of creating your own unique VEX IQ robot! Additional build instructions are available online for Free! Download at website.

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