Early Reader Library Collection


Young readers continue to hone their skills with the books in this collection. Opportunities abound to read across the content areas and become more proficient with informational text.
Are You a Bully?
Cinco de Mayo
Even or Odd?
Fabulous Fashion Crafts
Fingernail Art
Half or Whole?
Let’s Work Together
Location Words: Around and Through
Location Words: Near and Far
Location Words: Under and Over
Look on the Bright Side
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
May I Please?
Measuring: Pints, Quarts, and Gallons
Measuring: Pounds, Feet, and Inches
Measuring: Seconds, Minutes, and Hours
Measuring: Teaspoons, Tablespoons, and Cups
More Than, Less Than
Moving People, Moving Stuff
My Calendar: Days of the Week
My Calendar: Months of the Year
My Community
My Country
My Life as a Native American
Need It or Want It?
One Land, Many Cultures
Opposites: Front and Back
Opposites: Hard and Soft
Plus 1, Minus 1
Problem Solving
Reading Maps
Respecting Diversity
Scrapbook Starters
Skills for School Success
Skills for Social Success
What Is a Fable?
What Is a Fairy Tale?
What Is a Folktale?
What Is a Legend?
What Is a Myth?
What is a Play?

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