Discrete Mathematics Course Assistant


Get help for your Discrete Math class. Solutions for functions, logic, sets, number theory, sequences, combinatorics, discrete probability, graph theory.

Do function calculations like domain and range, image and preimage, and inverse and growth

Compute logic problems like minimal forms, implications, propositions, and bitwise operations

Calculate set functions like power set, basic set operations, complement, and Venn diagrams

Use the Number Theory section for division, modular arithmetic, prime numbers, special numbers, and integer functions

Do sequence computations like summation, product, and limit of a sequence

Compute permutation and combinatorics questions, including derangements and permutations of list or finite relations and Pascal’s triangle

Use the discrete probability section for Bernoulli trial equations and view statistics on coin and dice probabilities or view various distribution given the probability of success

View information on basic, named, or custom graphs in our Graph Theory section

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