Creating Transcripts for Your Unique Child: Help Your Homeschool Graduate Stand Out from the Crowd


Homeschool High School Transcript Solutions for Every Situation!! Turn Your Child’s Unique Qualities to Advantage! Although they stress a lot of parents out, transcripts are just a one-page overview of your child’s academic record. Any student who plans to go to college needs a transcript, and even students who don’t have college plans will benefit from having a record of their high school courses. A homeschool transcript can demonstrate your student’s strengths, depth, and individuality. It can combine all the wonderful educational experiences of high school into one centralized location on paper.

>>>But how do you make a transcript if your child… is gifted and advanced? (Who will believe all those A’s?) doesn’t have enough credits to graduate, or too many? earned a bad grade in high school or took 5 years to graduate? unschooled most of high school and didn’t take any tests? had some major medical/emotional issues that left gaps in their schooling?