Chemistry (lab)


The lab version of Chemistry is taken in conjunction with the non-lab version of the course. The investigations build and expand on concepts presented in the textbook. The labs are based on a microchemistry approach to minimize handling of chemicals. Computation requiring a solid background in algebra is necessary for interpreting data collected during investigations.
Algebra 1 is a prerequisite for Chemistry (lab).
The following is a list of the laboratory investigations which students complete:
Preparing for and Conducting an Investigation; Collecting Data; The Scientific Method and Organizing Data; Melting Points/Super Cooling; Boyle’s Law; Charles’s Law; Radioactive Decay; Paper Chromatography; Gumdrop (or Jelly Bean) Molecules; A Microscale Titration; Qualitative Analysis; Molar Mass by Titration; Mole Ratios; Double Replacement Reactions; Solubility Product Constant; Reaction Rates: The Effect of Concentration, Reaction Order; Reactions Rates: The Effect of Temperature; pH and pH Indicators; A Buffer Solution; Oxidation and Reduction; Decomposition; The Electrical Conductivity of Several Solutions; Synthesis of Organic Compounds.
Chemistry Lab Kit Supplies
There are 8 examinations in Chemistry.
Suchocki, Conceptual Chemistry, Pearson/Benjamin Cummings.

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