Characters in a Scene: Sketch to Digital | Patrick Brown


Concept art, game design, character design: they all rely on a solid basic sketch, a sense of color, and line drawing skills. You will learn how to work with strong outlines to hold the artwork together and I will explain my style of colouring, lighting and shading. I will also explain how to use different brush presets to get those nice textures that really bring the picture to life.

What You’ll Learn

It’s great for an artist to be able to draw on paper, but if you have sketching skills and an artistic eye, this class will challenge you to take it to the next level. Not only will this refine your skills, but it will also make your work relevant in an industry that is mostly all digital.

Setup and preparations. I’ll walk you through sketch preparation and digitizing your work.
Line work. We’ll go over brushes and digital line weights.
Flat colours. We’ll give your piece base colors.
Shading & lighting. You’ll add depth and shading, and add colog.
Details. You’ll add details to your work to make it more interesting and complete.
Background. You’ll fill in the background to complete the narrative.

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