Become a 2D Digital Animator


Use your creativity and technical skills to bring characters and stories to life as a 2D digital animator. Learn how to go from concept to finished animation, using industry-standard tools and the latest techniques from prominent animators in the business.

Learn the basics of animation and character development for 2D.Apply storytelling principles to your animations.Practice with exercises in Adobe Animate and Toon Boom Harmony.

More Ways to Learn Computer Animation

Triangles and Pixels

7th - College | Online video/YouTube

Computer Graphics Series with John Chapman discussing how any shape can be most easily simulated with a set of triangles, and how those get translated to pixels on a computer screen.


‎Easy Stop Motion Studio: Introduction to Animation

Pre-K - 2nd | iPhone/iPad App

Create, animate and share your own cartoons with Easy Stop-motion Studio. Use dozens of shapes, colors and templates anyway you want to make your little animated movie. A juggling lion, a talking...


Become a 3D Character Animator

College | Online class

Channel your creativity and technical savvy to breath life into simple characters as a 3D character animator. Learn to apply the basic principles of animation and the processes used by...

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