AP Chemistry Online Prep Course


Duration: 60 hours, 26 minutes

Number of Lessons: 70

This online course is geared towards high school students taking the AP Chemistry exam, but is also suitable for college students taking introductory chemistry. Lessons go in-depth with real world examples to help you understand what is occurring at the molecular level. In addition to covering all AP and first-year college chemistry topics, Professor Hovasapian also dispenses useful tips and strategies while working out a previous AP exam.

Additional Features:

Free Sample Lessons Closed Captioning (CC) Downloadable Lecture Slides Instructor Comments

Topics Include:

Stoichiometry Oxidation Reduction Reactions Gases Enthalpy & Hess’s Law Initial Rates Equilibrium Acids & Bases Solubility Complex Ions Thermodynamics Cell Potential Light Quantum Mechanics Phase Diagrams Shapes of Molecules Sample AP Exam