Android Programming


The Android Programming course will teach students to create their own Android apps. This course includes 1 semester of pre-requisite Java skills and 1 semester of Android development.

All Android development is done in a software emulator; no physical devices are required.

Topics Covered
The first semester teaches students to write Java programs.

Data types and variables
Math and strings
Logical expressions and flow control
Writing functions
Debugging and exceptions
Object-Oriented Programming
Inheritance and polymorphism
GUI programs with Java Swing
Arrays and collections
The second semester builds on the student’s Java skills to create Android apps.

Using Android development tools
Designing Android screens and layout
Getting Android user input
Android file system
Using images and dialogs
Creating menus and notifications
Messaging and networking
Creating home app widgets
Click on the Course Syllabus tab to see a complete list of topics.

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