World Geography Course Assistant


Jul 2022

Get help for your World Geography class. Facts and information on maps, distances, geology, climate, water and land features, atmosphere, earthquakes, tides, political geography, demographics, economics, social statistics, education data.

Compute geographic properties, view map projections, or convert time zones

Find land features like mountains, deserts, islands, volcanoes, or geologic layers or water features like waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and oceans

View atmospheric layers, look up weather conditions and history, or view properties of climate change and carbon footprint

Calculate data about cities, independence dates, government leaders, or country regions or view comprehensive results on US demographics including rankings, percentages, and general data

Compute demographic calculations like population density or growth and age distribution

View economic information like major industries and information on energy and food production and consumption, as well as bonus information on GDP, cost of living, and unemployment rates

Find social statistic information like human development index; health care indicators; cultural properties, including religion and language; and education information, like student population and literacy rate


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