Vivace: Learn to Read Music


Oct 2021

Vivace is a practice tool for improving your music reading skills. Beautifully illustrated tutorials will teach you the basics of music theory, and everything you need to know to read notes on the staff. With over a hundred lessons, and many options for customization, Vivace is a great tool for beginners and advanced musicians.


  • Treble, Bass, Grand Staff, Alto and Tenor clefs
  • All 15 Key Signatures
  • Choose between English and Italian note names
  • Illustrated step-by-step tutorials
  • Over 100 Trainer lessons categorized by clef
  • Note range of up to 4 ledger lines for Treble, Bass, Alto and Tenor clefs
  • Note range of up to 2 ledger lines for Grand Staff
  • Piano sound for correct notes
  • Practice mode that allows you to combine any number of clefs and key signatures
  • Many customization options available Premium Feature (In-App Purchase):
  • Ads are removed


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