The Social Journey


Jun 2022

Develop social and emotional intelligence with the right words, hilariously illustrated by the Hollywood artists behind Madagascar. 

Children develop deeper social and emotional intelligence with the right words. The Social Journey introduces new vocabulary on a foundation of familiar words. Illustrated by the Hollywood artists behind Madagascar. For ages 2–4. In your mini box you get:

  • Picture book x 3
  • Word of the Day workbook x 3
  • Word card deck x 3

Set them up for success at school
From day one children are exposed to language and expected to understand its meaning. Give them the fundamentals to thrive.

Provide the words to navigate their feelings
Help them navigate the nuanced range of feelings they experience. Give them the words to tell the difference between upset and frustrated, and be aware of their needs with words like hungry and sleepy.

Develop collaborative life skills
Social Journey children learn early about sharing and inclusion, by placing these words in context with stories they can follow and enjoy.

Bring words to life
Children learn better visually, which is why we illustrate the words in the Social Journey with the Emmy award-winning artists behind Madagascar


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