The Ron Paul Curriculum

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A student who goes through this curriculum, kindergarten through high school, will have a mastery of the foundations of liberty. There is no other curriculum on the Web to match it.

It does not assign textbooks. This saves families a lot of money. Textbooks cost a great deal of money. Almost all of the materials are free: toner and paper only. Only when the materials are copyrighted and time-sensitive — modern business and modern literature — do parents pay for books.

The curriculum is mostly self-taught. If a student gets stuck, he can get help from other students on the course Q&A forums. Older students serve as tutors for younger students. They learn by teaching, which is a great way to master any new field.

This curriculum teaches students how to write. The main teachers in the social sciences and humanities, Dr. Gary North and Dr. Tom Woods, are both successful writers. They are both successful businessmen. They will teach your children how to write effectively and fast.

Warning: if your child is not self-motivated, do not consider this curriculum. If you must nag your child to finish assignments, this curriculum will not work.

Students start writing in the fifth grade. They do not stop until they finish their final courses. I doubt that they will ever stop.

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Jul 2022
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