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The Boomerang is your boots-on-the-ground master tour guide, intrepidly leading you through the challenging terrain of high school literature.

Each month, your language arts field guide:

  • Chooses a powerful novel to read
  • Selects four insightful passages for copywork and dictation
  • Offers expert, easy-to-understand language notes for you and your teen
  • Guides students in literary analysis
  • Plans book club parties so you don’t have to!

How it works

  • Each Boomerang is a digital PDF file that includes four weeks of instruction
  • New Boomerangs are uploaded to a private folder on the first of each month
  • Check your email (once your purchase is complete) for login instructions
  • Download the Boomerang(s) and the Boomerang Guidelines at your convenience
  • Print or read on your device (you own them)
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Mar 2023
This resource has religious influence.

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