Strategies for Parenting: The Road to Independence


Oct 2021

Delivers real-life family experiences and observations. Provides innovative, thought-provoking strategies illustrated by real-life examples. Develops life skills essential for daily life, school, career preparation, and success in life. Helps develop confident and independent children. Challenges you to think about parenting in new ways.

This book is an innovative approach to elevate the role of parenting and the development of children by providing powerful and relevant insight and wisdom from successful experiences.
This will help you as parents make the most of your opportunity to develop the right strategies for parenting, enabling you to enjoy time with your children and prepare them for a successful life. As you develop your strategies for parenting your children along the challenging road to independence, you will experience one of the most satisfying accomplishments in life, a legacy to be proud of.
This book is laid out in three key sections: strategies, life skills, and preparation for independence. The strategies section helps you to focus on developing your overall approach to parenting. The life skills section provides guidance on developing important skills applicable to all stages and aspects of life. Independence is a key goal of effective parenting that incorporates all sections of the book with an approach that begins with steps at an early age.
This book is a collaborative effort among a husband, wife, son, and daughter to demonstrate the necessary involvement of parents and children for effective parenting strategies. Authors use a unique combination of guiding points and real-life stories to provide key learning in a thought-provoking yet simple way. The book has unique subject matter and touches on a very diverse array of perspectives, from parents, children, working professionals, teachers, mentors, sports psychology, and observational research.
This book will engage parents and children to have healthy discussions and debates. This will foster communication, understanding, and agreement within the household in a timely and effective manor to eliminate many avoidable parenting problems. Parenting is what you make it. If you take action to resolve strategies and involve your kids in this process, you will succeed as parents and enjoy a collaborative and successful home.

•Help you to create a meaningful bond with your children, taking parenting to an entirely new level with amazing results.


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