Splash Math


Jul 2022

Splash is the world’s first game-based math curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 5. A subscription-based learning app specifically designed for children of ages 4 to 11 (Kindergarten to Grade 5), Splash employs narrative-driven games to teach math concepts.


1. Daily recommendations that build a learning routine: Splash recommends a personalized daily learning plan for your child, eliminating your struggle of looking for new practice ideas every day.

2. Daily rewards to keep ‘em hooked: Once your child completes the cards for the day, they can unlock their reward for the day. Great to keep them coming back every day.

3. Math facts to build fluency: A customizable Math Facts section helps you set numbers and operators for virtually endless math practice.

4. Revise topics: A dedicated Redo box recommends skills your child needs to revise to strengthen their concepts and move ahead.

5. Looking to work on a specific topic? Simply choose the topic from the topic cards and select from a list of games available on that topic. Easy and flexible enough to let you do your own thing!

6. Still learning to read? Voice reading of questions builds math vocabulary and aids reading in young learners.

7. A guided tutorial at the beginning of each game makes learning on Splash easy and intuitive.


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