Spanish For You!

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Homeschool Spanish Curriculum Grades 3-8

  • No need to know Spanish to use this with your kids!
  • Fun themed packages that ​can be done in any order.
  • Rather than complete levels, students progress the more themes they complete.
  • Kids learn to use vocabulary, conjugated verbs, and grammar concepts as language components to be put together in different ways to speak, read, and write. They learn how the language works!
  • All materials reusable
  • 4 and 6 week trial options
  • Fun and engaging lessons that are easy to do
  • Audio so you can hear everything!
  • Self-paced, just follow step-by-step lessons in order
  • Flexible so you can customize activities if needed
  • Each Themed Package Comes With These Components PLUS Access to Our Curriculum Activities for You! Page Filled with FREE Extras!
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Mar 2023
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About Spanish for You

About Debbie Annett
Debbie is an Illinois state certified teacher who has enjoyed teaching the Spanish language to kids of all ages for 20 years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish from University of Illinois and a Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Northern Illinois University.

She began her career in international business where she worked with people from many different Spanish speaking countries and built great language experience learning to communicate with the different dialects she encountered.

Later, when she became a mom, she decided to change careers and become a Spanish teacher. She began working part time teaching after-school enrichment classes. Then, 17 years ago, she ventured into teaching classes at a homeschool co-op for children third grade and up, and developed her curriculum, Spanish for You!

She has always believed in keeping things simple in education. With the freedom to design her own Spanish program in the co-op, she was determined to provide academic excellence without big cost and complication. She found ways to design simple, easy lessons that students enjoy and that are effective. She also worked to make implementing a Spanish program easy and affordable for parents, teachers, and schools by streamlining the lessons for use with multiple grades, keeping things low-prep, and using inexpensive, everyday materials.

She took all the lessons she has ever taught and formatted them for others to use, so they too can have a successful Spanish program that is simple, effective, and affordable!

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