Ready for Reading


Oct 2021

Ready for Reading brings a complete phonics curriculum to your homeschool in an ebook format for a fraction of the price you might pay for other curriculum!

As home educators we want the very best for our children! We want our kids to be excellent readers—and we want them to love reading! At times this task appears daunting, especially when coupled with the importance strong reading skills play in future success! Often parents find themselves second-guessing their ability to teach reading at home.

But you absolutely can teach your kids to read—and do it with fun, hands-on activities!

My heart and hope is that Ready for Reading: Level 1 will make teaching reading:

  • Simple—Phonics lessons that are intuitive, easy to implement, and flexible!
  • Organized—Predictable lesson flow for learning letters of the alphabet and corresponding sounds!
  • Fun—Activities that incorporate games and play!


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