Preschool & Kindergarten Games


Jul 2022

15 interactive educational games that will keep your preschool and kindergarten age kids entertained while they are learning! Used by millions of parents and teachers to help educate and entertain young kids. As your pre-k child progresses through the lessons they earn stickers to add to their board, rewarding them for learning and playing!

Helpful voice narrating, colorful graphics, and fun sound effects will help your child learn letters, spelling, math, and more! Designed using real world preschool and kindergarten curriculum's and uses common core state standards. Kindergarten and preschool kids love these games! Includes 2 free games, unlock all 15 games through a simple in-app purchase.

Educational Games:

  • Shapes and Colors: Identify shape and color differences
  • Letters: Learn letters with helpful pictures and voices
  • Counting: Count with helpful voice narration to learn numbers
  • Memory: Flip and match cards to help improve memory and attention
  • Alphabet: Pop bubbles while learning the alphabet

    Addition: Add fruit together to learn addition
  • Puzzles: Fun and colorful puzzles
  • Spelling: Spell hundreds of words with helpful voice narration
  • Subtraction: Pop fruit to help learn subtraction
  • Positions: Learn left, right, and center
  • Nouns and Verbs: Identify the difference between nouns and verbs
  • Counting Down: Count down from 10 and launch a rocket
  • Months: Sort the months and put them in the correct order
  • Upper and Lower Case: Match upper and lower case letters by dragging them together
  • Missing Numbers: Find the missing number in the sequence
  • Perfect for pre-k children, toddlers, kids, and students who need a fun and entertaining educational game to play. Keep your preschool and kindergarten age child entertained while they are learning!

Ages: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 year old.


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